« The Koï and the Frog »


Ponds are the most fabulous place for discovering all kinds of wonderful things! There are plants, insects, birds… and, of course, beautiful green frogs. Sometimes, one can even find fish, such as the flamboyant koi. But the koi has not always been king of the pond. There was a time when it was just an ordinary black-and-white fish. This was before Bekko, a young koi, fell in love with Matsou, the pretty frog. Here is a colourful love story like no other.

Illustrated by Fabrice Boulanger

Éditions des Merisiers

ISBN: 978-2-92409-979-7

One of the best French-Canadian children’s books of the year.
Magazine Protégez-vous
A great book for the summer vacations. One of the top ten children’s books of the summer.
Journal de Montréal & Journal de Québec
A beautiful love story. I loved it!
Christine Michaud, TVA